Rome cemetery declared historic site

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - A cemetery in Rome was recognized Sunday as a historic site. Wright Settlement Cemetery opened in 1789.

To celebrate its new listing, Rome Mayor Joseph Fusco, Senator Griffo, members of the State Park and Recreation Department joined members of the cemetery to celebrate its history and impact on Rome.

An official from Wright Settlement Cemetery Pat Migliori, "What makes it so special, well I believe when the settlers first came up here as far as my family, the Wright Family, they came up here back in 1789 after the Revolutionary War from Connecticut and they built a home and the Indians were here. They worked hard, they started the first Presbyterian Church, and of course when you have a settlement you have burials so they started the cemetery."

Board members hope the cemetery's new listing on the National Register of Historic Places will help bring more donations to keep the Wright Cemetery alive.

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