The Family Place in Utica hosts fall event

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Exploring Autumn in Central New York is what many did Saturday at The Family Place, a not-for-profit organization next to the Utica Public Library.

Tthe event focused on nutritious eating, the importance of exercising, and enjoying the outdoors this autumn.

Participants had the opportunity to cook and eat a healthy meal, go on a nature walk, and learn the basics of fall food preservation.

Event coordinator Ann Stockton said, "That they're more familiar about their food and what they're eating. What's in it and what's not in the food that their eating when they buy it packaged, so buying local, eating local and doing some more hands on with their own food, preparing."

The Family Center plans to hold more events this fall, including seminars on how to reduce stress and balancing a budget.

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