Voters pass referendum, bringing districts closer to a merge

By WKTV News

ST. JOHNSVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - The St. Johnsville and Oppenheim-Ephratah School Districts are one step closer to merging. Voters in both districts approved an advisory referendum Tuesday night.

The final vote in Oppenheim-Ephratah was 391-Yes, 326-No. The margin was much larger in St. Johnsville 493-Yes, 85-No. The results will be submitted to the New York State Education Commissioner who will establish the framework for a final referendum to be held Wednesday, December 7th.

If the schools do combine, the new district would be given millions of dollars in incentive aid, which would be allocated to improve the curriculum and programming.

If voters pass a final referendum next month, the schools will become one next July.

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