What's the official dog in New York State? There isn't one - yet!

(WKTV) - Do you know what the official dog is here in New York State? Massachusetts has the Boston Terrier, Pennsylvania has the Great Dane, but we here in New York don't have one, at least just yet.

Two New York State lawmakers are proposing that the shelter dog become the state's official dog. The designation is designed to promote the adoption of dogs from shelters.

Democratic Assemblyman Micah Kellner and a Democratic state Senator Linda Rosenthal, both from New York City announced their idea in front of New York's City Hall on Thursday. They were joined by Sarge Wolf Stringer, a dog rescued in 2009 after enduring 14 years of abuse.

Stevens-Swan Humane Society spokesperson Jerry Kraus says he's thrilled with the idea. Kraus said, "I've noticed that Alaska has the malamute, Massachusetts has the Boston Terrier, but I think it's great that New York State broadens that pick, that it be all shelter dogs, because there's so many breeds. We encourage everybody that if you are looking for a dog for the family, go to a shelter."

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