Wiggle-Waggle Walk-a-thon raises $40,000

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Pooches from all over Central New York wagged their tails around New Hartford's Sherill Brook Park Sunday afternoon.

The 20th annual Wiggle Waggle Walk-a-thon raises money for the Stevens-Swan Humane Society.

Owners, along with their families and friends walked their dogs around the park, each raised pledges to try and do what they could to help the agency care for other animals in our community.

Jerry Kraus, of the SSHS, said, "We always preach spaying and neutering because that will cut down on the unwanted litters. That will help us because we get so many abandoned puppies and kittens and then with the regular strays abused and homeless animals that we take care of it's just a constant stream we do about 2500 animals in and out of doors every year."

Kraus said about 500 dogs took part in the event and together they raised more than $40,000.

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