Analog Channel 2 Broadcasts Have Ended

By Tom McNicholl

On February 17, 2009, ceased broadcasting on analog Channel-2.  The FCC chose that date for TV stations to cease broadcasting analog channels.  Every station is currently broadcasting a digital channel as mandated by the commission.  Some stations will continue broadcasting their digital signals on their assigned channels and others will move their digital signals to the channels that their analog signals occupied.  WKTV’s current digital channel is 29 and we will remain on that channel after 2/17/09.  The low frequency of channel 2 is susceptible to noise, especially AC noise created by old power grids or noisy motors and other devices nearby to receivers.  In the analog world, this shows up as noise in the picture and sound.  In the digital world, this noise can block the signal at the receiver.  Several transmitter and transmit antenna manufacturers suggested against going back to channel 2 with our digital signal after analog transmission ends.  So we will stay on channel 29. 


We have the ability to brand our digital channel with our analog channel number.  So even though your digital receiver or converter box will find us on the frequency for channel 29, the display on your TV will show channel 2-1.  Some receivers will display a table showing the RF channel, in our case 29, and the associated virtual channel the station has assigned to it, in our case 2-1. 


So as an over-the-air viewer, what do you have to do to continue to receive WKTV?  


  • If you have one or more analog TV’s, purchase a converter box for each TV  
    • - This will cost you approximately $10 each for the first two under the rebate program as explained in an   earlier article  
    • -The cost for each converter box after the first two will be approximately $50 each  
    • - Connect your current antenna to the converter box antenna input  
    • - Connect a separate cable between your converter box output and the antenna input on your analog TV  
    • - Initiate a channel scan on the converter box – WKTV should display as channel 2-1 
  • If you have a TV with a digital tuner (DT capable), make sure it is connected to a good antenna and the antenna is pointed in the direction of Fairfield (north of Middleville), then initiate a channel scan  
    • - If your TV finds WKTV, it should display as channel 2-1  
    • - Check the signal strength – most TV’s with digital tuners have a menu item for this  
    • - If the signal is low, your picture may cut in & out – in this case, you may need to move or upgrade your antenna  
    • - If the signal is in the middle of the scale or above and steady, you shouldn’t have a problem with receiving us



In August 2008, we began transmitting in High Definition.  Virtual channel 2-1 is WKTV HD and your TV will pickup virtual channel 2-2 which is our CW network programming in Standard Definition (SD).  NBC programming is in true HD (1080i) and for the time being, all other programming will be upconverted to HD.  Those with SD TV’s or converter boxes will still see the HD signal but will view it in SD.

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