Vick aims to fly with birds once again

By WKTV News

How can you not be excited to see Michael Vick in action today? It may aggravate you that he has received so much attention when the player hasn’t thrown a pass in two years, but just watching him take the field will be special. I don’t know if two years of hard time in prison truly helped reform a man who spent six years torturing and killing animals, but he did serve his time, subsequent suspension and I’m betting has some juice left. I am not expecting Mike Vick to regain his track meet speed from years ago, but he will be able to run, should give Philly a jolt of excitement and if he’s good enough to help them win one or two games, the gamble for the organization will have been worth it. He’s not going to replace Donovan McNabb unless McNabb is serious injured this year, but hopefully for the Eagles brass, Vick plays his brains out, doesn’t get hurt and is trade bait in 2010. Either way, it’ll be exciting.

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