Roy Williams

By WKTV News

In recent weeks, the Dallas Cowboys have made great strides for a playoff run, their only problem is an annoying wide receiver who wants the ball and isn’t named Terrell Owens. Roy Williams was the biggest acquisition last year during the season as the ‘Boys gave up a third, first and a sixth round draft choice. He was supposed to be  a number one receiver, but he’s not been closer to that despite a comment earlier this week where Williams proclaimed that he was the top guy. This season Williams as accumulated a paltry 14 catches for 249 yards and two touchdowns. Aside from those poor stats, he’s dropped more passes than he’s caught, and called out his quarterback recently. Roy Williams is the fourth best on this team. Miles Austin (36-563-6) , Jason Witten (37-348-1) and Patrick Crayton (20-291-2) are all better. Maybe Roy figures that out, shuts up and plays better down the stretch. Or maybe he continues the petulant child role. Only time will tell.

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