Will the Colts and Saints meet in the Super Bowl?

By WKTV News

 Yes: Both teams have been both lucky and good en route to undefeated records coming into week 14.
The Colts high flying offense shows no signs of slowing down, even though the team’s defense has put it in holes during several games including last week against Houston and several weeks back versus the Patriots.
In New Orleans, the Saints escaped Washington last week with a win thanks in part to Washington missing a field goal, and fumbling away overtime. Should they be dominant in every game? No. The most recent example, the 2007 New England Patriots nearly lost to the Eagles, Ravens and Giants toward the end of their season, but hold the record for regular season wins. The Colts and Saints have shown how dynamic their offense are, and I feel, will continue to be. Even though the teams’ defenses have shown weaknesses recently, there is no NFL team with superior talent or coaching that can take either of them down.

No: The Saints should have lost last week, and New England had the Colts dead-to-rights week 10 before losing by one point on the infamous fourth and two. Neither of these teams has the defensive depth to make a long run through the post-season. New Orleans has been signing street free agent defensive backs to carry its depleted secondary, and the Colts are without Pro Bowl safety Bob Sanders and solid corner Marlin Jackson. Both teams have the advantage of playing in domes until Super Bowl Sunday,  but that means their opponents will have an easier time throwing the ball.

Team most likely to fall short:

Saints: ‘Nawlens has a better offensive attack than the Colts, but they also face stiffer competition. Minnesota, Arizona, and even the Eagles would present far larger challenges than Indy faces in the AFC.
Aside from the Patriots, who nearly beat Indy, but has since fallen apart, there isn’t an AFC team that can defeat  the Colts.

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