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Hey folks, Dave Dellecese here. Assistant News Director at WKTV.

I've decided to take over this blog from my boss, Steve McMurray, and do my best to blog about the daily goings-on of the WKTV NEWSChannel 2 newsroom.

Will it be interesting? Maybe not, and if it is, certainly not to everyone.

Will it always be good? Can't say for sure.

But the one thing I can promise - it'll always be honest.

There's a lot of things people don't consider when it comes to a news station of our size. Many have the visions of a large control room filled with people pulling levers amid hundreds of screens...not the one person at a computer directing the whole show of today.

Or they think of a multi-floor building filled with hundreds of people bustling about in various departments, many of whom never see each other - also, certainly not true.

No, in a market of this size, things are very small - be it the building, the technical resources, and the staffing. And that's always one of the biggest hurdles we run into here - just not enough resources.

Today is a prime example of that. On an average day, we have two reporters on during the day - not counting myself when I'm thrown into the mix - and four photographers to both shoot the material and interviews for the shows, as well as to do ALL of the editing of those shows.

This particular day is microcosm of the challenges we deal with to still get even a moderate amount of new material for the shows. And that's a lot of shows - 32 hours of news a week.

Today, I found out one of those four photographers was going to be in late due to a family issue. Not a problem, it happens. That particular photographer picks up the station's mail from the post office every morning.

So, that meant I'd be getting the mail on my way in this morning. Since I run the daily news meeting every morning, it meant a late news meeting this morning based on my entry time, thus resulting in a late start for our reporters to get out of the meeting and out the door. It also knocked one of our photographers out of the mix.

Another photographer was already placed out of the mix to shoot commercials for a local car dealership. So, that puts the number of photographers for today down to two. Two reporters, two photographers, and numerous stories that need covering.

So how do we get to them all?

The honest answer is, we don't. It's those moments when we hustle as best as possible to get those two crews to as many spots as possible in the morning, leaving shortly after 9 a.m. and try to get back what we can by 11 a.m. so that the Noon news can get on the air. It's not an easy task. It leaves several people upset you couldn't get to their event. And we're all a little grayer for the stress of it, I'm sure.

But, it's just one of those things people don't tend to think of when they tune in to the news every day.

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