ShapeUp Blog Week Two

By Don Shipman

I feel a lot more comfortable in the gym now.  More confident.  The first week Al had to watch over me every step of the week, now that’s not the case.  Although I still ask a lot questions.   Al has me focusing on upper and lower body strength.  Every other day I work out one or the other.  Working out my upper body is a lot easier than the lower body.  I really hate squats.  I’m 6’2” ..this makes it very difficult to do squats.  The problem, Al isn’t allowing me to use this as an excuse.    I will say this week I am not in as much pain.  I’m back to work, off of vacation.  This week both Andrea I have been working overnight.  We’re training a new producer for the morning show.  We work 11pm to 7am.  It’s been working out well, because as soon as we’re done with work we go directly to the gym.  Some advice.. If you work out after work, don’t go home before the gym.  You won’t end up leaving the house.  It is a lot easier to go directly to the gym.  
On to week three.

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