Expert on Ethics and Philosophy of Food to Lecture at Hamilton College

By Cindy McNicholl

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April 2, 2012 at 4:00 PM

Location: Hamilton College Days-Massolo Center

Event Description

“Old McDonald Had a Wife: The Centrality of Marriage and Family in Wendell Berry’s Agrarian Vision” by Lisa Heldke, professor of philosophy and Sponberg Chair in Ethics at Gustavus Adolphus College.

Heldke is the co-editor of two collections: Cooking, Eating Thinking: Transformative Philosophies of Food; and The Atkins Diet and Philosophy. She is the author of Exotic Appetite: Ruminations of a Food Adventurer, in which she examines the colonialist attitudes prevalent in contemporary approaches to foreign cuisine. She teaches and researches on such topics as feminist philosophy, the philosophy of food, oppression and resistance, and human liberation.
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