“The Bro Code: How Contemporary Culture Creates Sexist Men”

By Cindy McNicholl

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October 10, 2012 at 7:00 PM

Location: Herkimer County Community College, Robert McLaughlin College Center, room 288

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Sponsored by Herkimer County Community College’s Women’s Club, the film is free and open to the public. Following the film, there will be refreshments and discussion.

The film examines the ways in which media and popular culture trains American boys and men to adopt and celebrate sexist views toward women. “The Bro Code” breaks down movies and videos that glamorize misogyny and media that perpetuates the myth of American manhood. Filmmaker Thomas Keith challenges young people to step up and fight back against the idea that being a real man means disrespecting women.

The Women’s Club works toward empowering the women and men of the campus and community by allowing them to have a voice. The goal of the club is to make a difference at HCCC, not only for current students, but also for future students and generations.
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