KAC ROADHOUSE: A Night To Groove

By Cindy McNicholl

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February 16, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Location: Kirkland Art Center, East Park Row, Clinton, NY

Phone: 315-853-8871


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KAC ROADHOUSE: A Night To Groove
The KAC ROADHOUSE presented by Indium Corporation is proud to announce a very special evening of original live music on Saturday, February 16th with 3 amazing musical acts. A Night To Groove will feature:

The Moho Collective – Combining elements of jazz, groove, rock, and experimental world music, The Moho Collective, is an instrumental trio from nearby Rochester, NY. This exceptionally talented group are at their best through improvisation and dynamic song structures, proving vocals are not necessary to engage the listener if the music speaks for itself. The Moho Collective will be the headliner of this special ROADHOUSE.

Mazza, Allanson & Lockwood - formed over three years ago as a side project between the three artists who were looking to jam. Allanson had played with Mazza before and had the perfect idea for a bass player when he heard Mazza was looking to start a new project. Appropriately named, “Side Effect” at first the group set out playing in venues across Central New York. Since its inception the trio has prided itself on playing all original music. The group has developed a following in the area and their music has evolved with the fan base. Initially working with Mazza’s decades of original compositions, the band eventually began to create new material custom made for the sound and playing styles of each of its members. This group “could really make you groove,” and it is immediately evident that these guys love coming together to play their original live music. Please enjoy Mazza, Allanson and Lockwood.

Scott “Danger” Bravo – Scott picked up the guitar at age 15 and has never put it down. Getting his start in rock bands he switched to all instrumental/acoustic in 2003 and hasnt looked back. He has a passionate, fiery style that grabs your attention and doesnt let go until well after the lights go down and the shows over. Scott Bravo is an absolute FORCE on the acoustic guitar and a definite must see for music lovers and fans of virtuoso guitar playing. Scott resides in Rome, NY and is probably their best kept secret. Scott will be warming the crowd at the start of the evening.

Please remember that the ROADHOUSE series is more of an open floor setup unlike the traditional Coffeehouse series. The show will begin at 7:30pm, doors open at 7pm. There will be beer and wine provided through a cash bar from our good friends at Nola’s. Coffee from Utica Coffee and treats by Anita.

Tickets are $10, and $7 for members. If members buy online, you will need a code for the discount. This code will be emailed to you shortly or call 853-8871. You can also always purchase tickets at the KAC
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