Devin's Fight

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July 21, 2013 at 12:00 PM until 6:00 PM

Location: Celtic Harp

Phone: 315-939-9313


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Devin's fight: Devin was born 6 weeks premature with Omphalocele ( liver and intestines outside of his body)and also Bronchial Milatia. Due to some blockage on his lungs, Devin has to have a tracheotomy. He also may require a permanent feeding tube as well. He is a very sick little baby, but continues to smile. It has been touch & go with him, and we've had some very scary moments where he has stopped breathing. His mommy & daddy are Jennifer Zbytniewski, and Chad Tooke. Chad Tooke has completed 2 tours in Afghan/Iraq. Been with the army for 20 years. He has donated much money, and time into the Veterans Outreach program for our community. They are currently staying at the Ronald Mcdonald house which charges them $10 a day. Jennifer had to quit her job, because when she comes home, Devin will be on a vent, and has a tracheotomy. He will need 24hrs around the clock nursing care. Jennifer sits at the hospital for 15hr days, while Chad works, then goes to the hospital immediately. This benefit is going to help with the medical expenses. Sorry for the late notice, but hoping we can get some last minute coverage for a great turnout. Devin still can't breathe on his own with the assistance of the ventilator, this has taken a toll on them emotionally, physically, and financially.
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