Black Fly Challenge Mountain Bike Rodeo

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June 15, 2014 at 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM

Location: Fern Park, Inlet, NY

Phone: 315-357-5501



Event Description

Rodeo Events

Log Pull – A block of wood is attached to the bike with a rope and the fastest rider over a short course wins. Run in heats (2 racers at a time).
Slow Race – How slowly can you ride between two points without stopping or putting a foot down while staying in your lane? Slowest person wins. Run in heats, 2 racers at a time.
Barrel Race – The fastest to race through a series of barrels (or pylons) wins. Run as time trial or in heats, if room enough.
Balance Race – Competitors ride on sections of timber that narrow from 8″ to 2″ wide. Points are given for riding the length of the timbers and deducted for not reaching the end.
NOTE: These timbers are pieces of lumber that are laid flat on the ground. This is NOT elevated.
Longest Wheelie – Just like the title says. Whoever can ride a wheelie the longest wins.

Rodeo Entry Fees: $5/each event or $20 for all 5 events
Points Awarded: for each event toward overall rodeo: 1st- 5 points, 2nd- 4 points, 3rd- 3 points
Rodeo Prizes: 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes for overall rodeo; only 1st place prize for individual events


Hill Climb ($10 entry fee) Competitors race up a steep gravel road to a pre-determined finish point. This is a time trial start.
Kids Race ($5 entry fee) Kids 18 & under do several laps on a short, relatively flat course so the spectators can cheer a lot. Total race length varies by age from less than one mile for younger kids and about two miles for older teens.
Circuit Race ($10 entry fee) A relatively short course on easy trails for older teens and adults. Competitors race around the course several times so spectators can cheer a lot. Total race length may be up to 5 miles.

Race Prizes: 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes for Hill Climb & Circuit Race; All kids get a prize for Kids Race

Miscellaneous Fun

Huffy Toss – Whoever can throw the old Huffy bike farthest, wins half the pot. (The other half goes to the CAMBA trail fund.) Competitors cannot step past the foul line. This is an activity that can be run by the competitors themselves in a designated safe area.
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