'Celebration of Life' held for Forestport man

By WKTV News

WOODGATE, N.Y. (WKTV) - It's been four months since a much loved man in the north country was killed during a snowmobile race in Boonville and today, friends held a "Celebration of Life" in his honor.

It was back on January 29th, when 43 year old Pete Scouten of Forestport, a man who has won numerous snowmobile racing titles, lost control of his sled around a turn at the Boonville Snow Festival and was killed. Hundreds gathered Saturday afternoon to celebrate Pete's life. Friends organized a huge get together at the White Otter Fish & Game Club in Woodgate. Charles Scott had been friends with Pete since the two were young boys, "Pete had an infectious smile, and if you were having a bad day, it didn't matter, if you came across Pete's path, he always had a ear to ear grin that could brighten your day, no matter how your day was going, and I miss seeing that. That's probably what I miss the most."

Kim Kratzenberg was helping set up Saturday morning for the event and says today is a chance to help the entire Forestport area community heal. She says "everybody is trying to heal from it, and this is a good way of getting everyone together and celebrating his life."

Scouten left behind a wife and four young children. Organizers of today's Celebration of Life say the entire Scouten family has lived in the Forestport area for generations, and are all like family to everyone, "the whole family has been affected, and by that it affects the whole community and there is a huge whole left in the community because of this."

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