Cutting Locks for Cancer Patients


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - It was free haircut day at one salon in Rome Thursday where women weren't just cutting their hair for a new do, but to be made into wigs for women undergoing cancer treatment. Rome's Tangles Salon hosted the event where both the hairdressers and customers were giving back.

Michelle Shauger, Regional Vice President of Primerica decided to do a different type of event for National Business Womens week, giving back to cancer patients after she herself was affected.

"My stepmother died when she was 34 of colon cancer and in September I had a client of mine, a teacher in Syracuse who died of breast cancer so I had been planning on cutting but when she passed away that's what solidified that I want to do it now," said Shauger.

Participating donors hair will go to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Shauger said it takes six donors to make one wig.

"That's why everyone's doing it is because they don't get to choose whether they have cancer it just comes," said Shauger. "And if they're going through chemotherapy or radiation and they lose their hair its obviously devastating so whatever we can do to help."

13 women signed up to make the change Thursday, each leaving eight inches of hair lighter.

Tangles Salon is on East Dominick Street in Rome. They say they plan to host another event to encourage people to donate their hair to cancer patients in the winter.

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