Cyclist ready for Ride of Silence to spread message of safety


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Local cyclists are gearing up for the Ride of Silence in the Mohawk Valley, part of a nation and world-wide movement to honor those killed or injured while riding a bike and to spread a message of sharing the road.

"We have a legal right to the road," says Mohawk Valley Ride of Silence Organizer. "When you see us give us a little bit of room, be patient if we're ahead of you pulling into an intersection, we'll get through it, just give us a second."

Organizer Dave Taylor wants to remind motorists that cyclists are allowed three feet of space on the road.

While there was no ride last year, Taylor says the Mohawk Valley has been participating in the Ride of Silence since 2005.

This year Taylor expects close to 80 cyclists to join in spreading the message through the Mohawk Valley.

"There are a lot of cyclists around and with the Ride for Missing Children coming up, there are many training rides going on where they have larger groups of people out there," says Taylor. "So they might see us we want them to be patient with us, and give us our space and give us a second to move over and we'll get on by."

The Ride of Silence is Wednesday, May 16th starting at 7pm at the New Hartford Recreation Center.

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