Frankfort Residents Gather for Candlelight Vigil


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - Students, teachers, families and friends gathered around Frankfort-Schuyler's Elementary School's playground Wednesday night to honor the lives lost in Newtown, Connecticut. The candlelight vigil was put on by a over 100 students and staff featuring speakers and songs by Frankfort-Schuyler's High School Choir.

"It doesn't matter if you know them or not, it's still an innocent life lost they had nothing to do with it," said Rebecca Gillette a Senior in the choir. Rebecca is also part of Frankfort-Schuyler's "Friends of Rachel" Club who held the vigil. The national club was formed after the Columbine school shooting to bring kindness and compassion to schools.

"It helped a lot," said Kaleigh Coyne, an 11th grader at Frankfort-Schuyler High School. "It brought everyone together more, more people learned to appreciate things be nicer to people everything, just everyone's coming together and it's nice ...but for a horrible thing."

Everyone at the vigil was asked to also bring a new stuffed animal to be set to Sandy Hook students.

"The students were the ones that wanted to do something," said Andrea Cordero, a Frankfort-Schuyler guidance counselor and co-director of their "Friends of Rachel" Club. "And we wanted something that the students could bring and not just do a monetary donation."

Giving Sandy Hook kids something to hug and Frankfort-Schuyler students a night to reflect.

"That's the best part I think seeing people that actually have a heart," said Kaleigh Coyne.

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