Kids 'Get Active' in Little Falls

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - With childhood obesity on the rise across the nation, more attention is being focused on keeping kids active, especially over their summer break.

Some youngsters in Herkimer County are getting a jump start on their active summer. You name the sport and it's being played at Veteran's Memorial park in Little Falls this weekend. It's the first annual 'Get Active Weekend'.

Event co-organizer Dan Enea says the more active kids are, the more healthy they are, both physically and mentally. Enea says between all of the sports being played this weekend, timeout is given for a lunchbreak which includes yogurt, a ham or turkey sandwich and water.

Enea's fellow co-organizer Tiffany Leiphart says it's nice to see kids smiling. She said, "it's really cool, I like seeing the kids excited about doing sports and being outside and we have great instructors here today, so it's getting them very energized."

Instructors led kids in a variety of sports including tennis, baseball and even lacrosse, a sport which isn't too prevalent in the valley, except for HCCC, where it has a nationally ranked junior college program each year.

Erika Kramer was at 'Get Active' on Saturday with her two young children. Her husband, Dave was working, he is the head coach of the men''s lacrosse team at H.C.C.C.

The Kramers' are from Long Island where lacrosse is hugely popular in schools all over the island, so when the moved up to the valley, they were surprised that none of the ares schools offer lacrosse as a sport. The said, " we were surprised because the college has such a great program, we thought there would be more lacrosse in the area, so we're hoping to introduce it."

The Kramers will be hosting a summer lacrosse camp for both boys and girls K-6 starting in July at H.C.C.C..

Enea and Leiphart say they were happy with the turnout on this first day of the first annual Get Active Weekend, but believe it will grow with each coming year.

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