Pumpkin picking a fun activity for Fall and for all


WESTMORELAND, N.Y. (WKTV) - With a little under two weeks away from Halloween, many houses across the region are already decked out in Fall regalia, including one of the mainstays of Autumn - pumpkins.

"Pumpkins are tradition, everyone looks for the right size pumpkin we have families that come and load the wagon up with pumpkins, but I've found that we have a lot of adults that come too and are pretty particular with pumpkins because they do a lot of creative carving," says North Star Orchards owner George Joseph.

Despite there being a pumpkin shortage nationwide, George Joseph says he's sold about 3,000 pumpkins this season from his Westmoreland orchard.

"It really wasn't the shortage that people talked about," says Joseph. "The biggest challenge is getting through the mud and the fields getting them picked when they need to be picked."

Joseph thinks that because other farms did not have many pumpkins, his orchard is selling more.

"We're actually going back into the fields and the ones that we normally wouldn't pick early because they're all green, we're going back and picking them," says Joseph.

North Star Orchards says it will be selling its pumpkins through Halloween, and selling them for the same price they've stuck with for years - just 40 cents a pound.

"With the candy and everything else people buy for Halloween, pumpkins are pretty affordable, for five or six bucks you can get a pretty good-sized pumpkin," says Joseph.

North Star Orchards also offers free wagon rides on the weekends from 11 am to 4 pm.

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