Haunted House thrills in Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -  One house in North Utica is not like the rest, especially in October. A popular new property has been constructed in the yard of 417 Jeannette Drive.

The "haunted yard" is turning the quite neighborhood upside down. Chris Charlebois is the man behind the madness. He loves halloween so much, he gets black and orange decorations for Christmas.

"It comes alive at night," says Charlebois, who has been working on the haunted display for weeks. Every year his display changes, and seems to get a little bigger.

New elements creep up when you least expect them, through a series of haunted rooms, and a corn maze, all roped off with police tape.

Neighbors say they have to buy twice as much halloween candy, because visitors come by the hundreds to see the display, and then they go running scared door to door.

Admission to the haunted house is free, but trick or treaters enter at your own risk, "I don't control it," says Charlebois.

Its a scary sight during the day... so you are advised to take a friends with you if you plan to tour the property on Halloween Night.

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