Haunted house in Sauquoit spooking visitors for more than 27 years


SAUQUOIT, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Sauquoit house on Butler Road has been spooking visitors on Halloween night for 27 years - daring visitors to enter at their own risk and experience zombies, witches, skeletons and more.

The tradition began many years ago when Bill Loomis was simply decorating his front porch. Over time, that decorating expanded and began to turn his own hours into a haunted house. Now, he has cleaned out his barn to host a complete haunted house.

Many of the props he's used throughout the years are made from parts that have been either donated or found.

"Everything I got, I found junk off the road," says Loomis. "Rotisserie motors, microwave motors, anytime I see someone throwing something out to the garbage, I check to see if it has any motors."

Loomis' love of Halloween and his haunted house brought him and friends to turn it into a movie called "mr. Halloween."

"It started out, we made a small movie for my Halloween party, and then the next year make a sequel, and then decided to make a full-length movie," Loomis said.

York Entertainment picked up the film and now the movie is sold in Walmart as part of "The MIdnight Horror" DVD collection.

"That's what everyone called me, "Mr. Halloween," and the movie is sort of based on my haunted house," says Loomis.

The movie has Loomis snatching up kids around town to use them as exhibits in his haunted house - but that's just in the movie. Loomis does it all for fun.

"I enjoyed Halloween as a kid and when you get older, you can't go trick or treating, so why not have a haunted house," says Loomis.

If you want to be spooked, the haunted house opens at 6 p.m. on Halloween night at 9414 Butler Road in Sauquoit.

Admission is free.

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