Students honor a lost classmate while preparing for Heart Run

POLAND, N.Y. (WKTV) - It was a win-win in Poland Thursday, as students prepared for the upcoming Heart Run and Walk, while honoring a lost classmate.

Alyssa Pomichter passed away three years ago due to a heart condition, and since that time her classmates have participated in the mall walk.

However, scheduling conflicts won't allow for that this year. So, instead, the Poland Elementary School is remembering Alyssa by way of a health fair.

John Banek, the school principal, said the event provides great life lessons for the students.

"I think what the kids get out of this is a sense of caring; a sense of doing something for somebody else; a sense of doing something for the American Heart Association," Banek said. "But more importantly, they're remembering one of their classmates, Alyssa."

Thursday's event was also a way to pre-register for America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk. If you want to sign up early, you can do so online.