Plenty of ways to stay fit at 2013 Health Expo


Walking and running are both ways to stay fit and help prevent heart disease and other forms of exercise and all around good health can be found scattered across the Utica College Gymnasium at the 2013 Heart Expo.

Throughout the day groups of people were gathered in front of a booth, one of them was holding a strange contraption, that turned out to be a burn machine.

It weighs just eight pounds and didn't seem that it would be too difficult for Utica College athletes to hold up, but it turned out to be much harder than it looks. The machine is used to workout shoulder and neck muscles and anyone who could spin the burn machine for more than sixty seconds walked away with a free t-shirt.

Once your arms are warmed up, you could head down the aisle to where there were rowing machines set up and see if you are up the task to take on the one thousand meter challenge. Don't worry - a trainer is on hand to make sure your technique is a-okay.

At one spot in the gym, two women from First Source Federal Credit Union were pedaling on indoor bikes since 10 a.m. On Friday morning, participating in the Go Red Challenge.

"What we're encouraging our employees to do as part of the challenge is to eat healthier and just in general live a healthier life," said Kristy Nole of First Source Federal Credit Union.

Near the rowing machines there's a list of everyone who's taken on the challenge, along with their finish time.