2012 Schultz & Dooley steins unveiled

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Maltcracker the Nutcracker and Porter the Penguin are the newest additions to the F.X. Matt Brewing Company's stein collection.

On Saturday, the Brewery unveiled the newest additions at its annual Schultz & Dooley Collector's Festival.

Schultz and Dooley were talking steins in TV commercials for Utica Club beer that began in the 1950's. Soon after that, the first steins were made and they have grown in popularity ever since.

Leigh D'Agastino who manages the brewery gift shop says the company started coming out with two steins each year. She said, "One is used for the Schultz and Dooley collection and one people use at a lower price point for decorating at home."

The collector's stein called Maltcracker the Nutcracker costs $79.00, and the more decorative stein called Porter the Penguin costs $49.95.

Jack Mineo of Whitesboro comes to this stein unveiling every year with his sons. He said, "I started collecting, the boys have followed, something we do together."

His son Jim says he may be an even bigger collector than his father. He said, "Once I got older I started collecting the steins, then I got to know about the brewery and the local history and I thought it was really neat, and then I started collecting the memorabilia and it started to get out of control now."

The brewery gift shop will open at 7:00 a.m. on Black Friday, with the first 50 people through through the doors expected to get some special benefits for being among the first 50.

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