How to keep your pet safe during the holidays


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - The holidays often bring extra food and stress to not just you, but to pets too. Veterinarians at the New Hartford Animal Hospital warn of an increase of things to look out for during the holiday season especially when it comes to your pets diets.

"The biggest problem we have is dietary discretion," said Dr. Frank Mondi of the New Hartford Animal Hospital. "People feeding their pets the wrong items etc., and it causes a lot of digestive upset."

Dr. Mondi says aside from table scraps, owners need to look out for their pets getting into things, swallowing small toys or decorations that aren't usually around could cause an obstruction in pets. He also suggests trying to keep your pet calm during the excitement holidays often bring along.

"Try to do it gradually...make sure your pet is getting the attention you normally give it and also I always like to have especially dogs to have a little compartment, a place for them to get away, crating them or allowing them to get to their crates," said Dr. Mondi.

Of course also look out for poinsettias and chocolate what can be poisonous to both dogs and cats.

Dr. Mondi's best advice for the holiday season? Use common sense don't give anything and excess and try to as best you can stick to your routine.

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