Santa visits Utica Zoo for special event

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The rainy weather did not keep folks from visiting Santa at the Utica Zoo on Sunday.

The zoo was all decked out with holiday decorations. There was hot chocolate and pizza, and of course the animals. This event was a fundraiser for the zoo, which is open all year long.

Executive Director Andria Heath said, "We're trying to help people to understand that the zoo is for all seasons. There are people who like to spend their winter afternoons in the mall, but there are also people who really like that fresh air and they like to be able to get some exercise, be outside and we have animals every single day here at the zoo. We're open everyday but Christmas and how cool to see baby lions and Santa in the same visit."

Admission to the zoo is discounted during the winter months.

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