What do guys want for Valentine's Day?


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - You have three shopping days left before the most romantic holiday of the year - Valentine's Day. For guys who are shopping, things are pretty easy - the classic flowers, candy, and jewelry always seem to do the trick.

However, shopping for men on Valentine's Day can be a challenge, especially when a guy doesn't drop any subtle hints about what he wants.

So we went shopping for some straight answers from men around Central New York to find out what they are hoping to receive this holiday. According to them, it's ok to start with something sweet. Chocolate is what one husband told us he wants. Meanwhile, the co-owner of Colozzi's Party and Card Shop in New Hartford says that he'd simply like a bag of caramel corn.

If your Valentine doesn't have a sweet tooth, you can appeal to his athletic side.

"For the guys, golf balls are like a box of chocolates, it is like candy or flowers, with golf balls you cant go wrong," said Tom Gadziala, the owner of Gold Unlimited.

It doesn't hurt to get a little help when it comes to making a homemade Valentine either.

Jamie Clarey says he is looking forward to spending the day with his family.

"If you've got a dad, get him something from the kids," Clarey said. "I've got little ones at home.... I'm looking forward to sleeping in."

For gifts with a little more power, there's always other options both big and small.

"Well if they could afford a new motorcycle, that'd be great, but there are a lot of things women can buy - shirts, hats, some are winter items. Harley-Davidson has a footwear line, so boots are an option," says Steve Coupe who works at Harley-Davidson in Yorkville.

Of course, there are always some gifts that money can't buy, and those seem to top many men's all time favorite valentines day gifts.

"We have a daughter that was born on Valentines Day so that's a pretty good gift," says John Reile.

Joe Koscinski also celebrates more than a Valentine on Valentines Day - it's also his anniversary. He says that makes the day twice as special.

Co-owner of Golf Unlimited in New Hartford, Joe Polizzi knows what he is asking for this February 14.

"The best Valentines Day gift is a hug and a kiss from your wife," Polizzi said.

While you can always go above and beyond, it seems like the gifts from the heart are always a home run.

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