Elementary pupils deliver pies to church for annual dinner

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Children from Bradley Elementary School in New Hartford arrived at First Presbyterian Church in Utica on Tuesday with 100 pies they baked and bought.

The pies will be served at Thursday's 35th Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner. The church is planning to serve about 1,200 meals in the dining room and to the home bound. The dinner starts at noon.

The pupils say they were a well-oiled machine when it came to making the large volume of pies at school.

"We're doing this for Presbyterian church because we want to be thankful for them," said Darien, a Bradley second grader. "And let them have a great Thanksgiving, so they don't feel left out."

The church plans to serve and deliver around 800 meals Thanksgiving day. Leftovers will go toward a day-after-Thanksgiving meal at Hope House in Utica. 

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