Passengers vie for seats on Amtrak's busiest day of the year


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Amtrak is projecting that Wednesday will be their busiest travel day of the year.

The rail company says they will be operating every available passenger rail car the day before Thanksgiving, and they are certainly going to need them.

127,000 passengers are expected to ride on Amtrak Wednesday, but travelers probably aren't going anywhere if they didn't make a reservation far in advance .

The busiest station in the country Wednesday night is New York City's Penn Station, so anyone traveling downstate is really going to be part of the hustle and bustle of holiday traffic.

Amtrak employees at Union Station say tickets from Utica to big city locations like New York City and Chicago have been sold out for over a week.

Discounts are available for early birds who book ahead, but for those who procrastinate, this holiday can mean getting to your final destination in a roundabout way.

Coraline Falco works in Utica, but lives in Syracuse. She takes the train regularly to work, but she won't be taking the train to her family for Thanksgiving in Long Island.

"Yeah, I was trying," Falco said. "I'm actually driving to Long Island to go see my family, because the trains were booked. Two weeks ago, I tried to book a train to go to Penn Station, and they were booked."

Other travelers say they are opting to take the train because they don't like the increased regulation and screening that comes with flying.

Daniel Martin is traveling with his wife and young daughter to Buffalo.

"I really don't like to fly that much, too much of a head-ache, going through the airports and stuff, this is easier," Martin said.

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