Christmas shopping begins at the Sauquoit Valley Craft Show

SAUQUOIT, N.Y. (WKTV) - For more than three decades, many in the Mohawk Valley have begun their Christmas shopping, not at a store, but rather, at a school.

The Sauquoit Valley Middle School hosted the 34th Annual Sauquoit Valley Fine Arts and Crafts Show this weekend, and the large crowds bought a lot.

Mary Claire Clark of Whitesboro who has been coming to this show for the past ten years was one of those who started her Christmas shopping here this weekend. She said, "I just think the quality and the detail is wonderful. I do some crafting myself, but certainly nothing like this and I certainly appreciate the artistic value of everything."

Volunteer Betsy Mathy, who also works at Sauquoit Valley Middle School says there are so many vendors that keep coming back. Mathy said, "they come back year after year. They're very happy with how they do here. We have great crafters and we have great shoppers."

This is a magical place for craft lovers, and craft makers, many who, between sales, put their art making talent on display, like Phillipa Schrader of Rome who owns Linden Street Paper Company. She said, "There's so much you can do with paper, you can shape it, twist it, fold it, paint it. i just love making beautiful things and I love sharing them with people."

This has also become place to learn about new products, like fortified coffee.

One of the more popular new booths this year was that of Good Life Coffee, made in Utica.

Co-founder David Hadasz says the coffee is full of everything you need that you might forget to take in a multi-vitamin. He said, "the coffee has 24 vitamins and minerals, it's got Vitamin B complexes, Vitamin C, iron, fiber, protein and magnesium."

Hadasz says he has gotten a U.S. Patent, and you can find Good Life Coffee in some locally owned stores, including Peter's Cornucopia in New Hartford and he says he already has an agreement to sell it in local Walmart stores.

Proceeds from the annual arts and crafts show go towards help the Sauquoit Valley School District.

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