Spring Fever Deck Giveaway - $10,000 deck goes to man from Maryland, N.Y.

WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Spring is here, as is warmer temperatures - and what better way to spend time outside than in a brand-new deck.

NEWSChannel 2 and New York Sash teamed up for the Spring Fever Deck Giveaway, where a deck package, valued at roughly $10,000 was given to a name drawn from a pool of contestants who accurately guessed the high temperature on April 1.

The composite deck comes in a choice of colors, and comes completely installed, with a vinyl rail system, maintenance-free, said Jill Hayes, of New York Sash.

More than 10,000 entries came in to NEWSChannel 2, and of those 10,000, 205 of them accurately guessed that the high temperature would be 45 degrees.

Of those 205, the winning name, chosen at random was Jack Conroy, of Maryland, N.Y.

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