Mount Zion Ministries changes name to Redeemer Church

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A local church took their Sunday service to a whole new level this week. A world-renowned and Grammy-nominated gospel singer was in town to help Mount Zion Ministries on Herkimer Road in North Utica celebrate a new name.

Gospel singer Nicole Mullen from Nashville was on hand Sunday signing autographs and taking pictures with church goers.

But as of this Sunday, Mount Zion's name is no longer. The pastor decided it was time for a name change.

Pastor Michael Servello said, "the name was actually Mount Zion Ministries and it really didn't indicate a church, and we've been talking about changing the name for a while and we felt that Mount Zion was more of a name that people don't understand biblically speaking, but the name redeemer has incredible life application, not just in theology, but for people's lives."

The church had been know as Mount Zion Ministries since it opened 30 years ago in 1980.

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