Bikers from all over roar in for Thunder in Old Forge


OLD FORGE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Bikers from all around the country are rolling into the Adirondacks this weekend for the 13th annual Thunder in Old Forge bike festival.

Hundreds, possibly even thousands of motorcycles are expected to be parking in the Adirondacks this weekend for the event, and The Old Forge Tourism bureau says it is expected to be the biggest and best bike festival yet.

"Last year, there were several hundred bikers," said Mike Farmer, the director of publicity for Old Forge. "This year, we potentially have three to four thousand motorcycles coming."

People come from all over New York State and surrounding states to explore the mountains on two wheels. Old Forge business owners are thanking Mother Nature, as this nice weather is good for bikes and good for business.

"The hotel is almost full tonight...and Saturday is completely booked," said Old Forge hotel owner Katie Noonan.

Business owners like Noonan say bikes lining the streets of downtown is a welcome sight.

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