'Activism on Wheels' comes to HCCC


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - If someone spray painted a hate message on your car, what would you do?

One Central New York woman has taken that hate and turned it into something positive.

Someone wrote that word and other anti-gay sentiments on a Volkswagen Beetle in Albany, and the owner now takes her so-called "Fagbug" on the road to raise awareness about hate crimes and prejudice.

The owner is 35-year-old Erin Davies of Syracuse, who, when attending graduate school in Albany in 2007 had her car graffitied, she believes because she had a rainbow sticker -- the symbol of gay pride -- on the back of her car.

After leaving the graffiti on for a year, Davies painted the entire car in the rainbow flag colors and she calls it the Fagbug to get people's attention.

She has done that and more.

Davies has since written and produced a 90-minute award-winning documentary, which she has taken and played at college campuses in all 50 states, and has also been invited to speak at more than 100 high schools and two middle schools.

Thursday, she had her car parked outside the Robert McLaughlin Center at Herkimer County Community College.

Davies led a presentation at noon, which included the playing of her documentary.

The tour is called Activism on Wheels.

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