Broadway Theatre League announces new promotion tool


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Stanley Theatre in Utica has begun to see an influx of "tech shows," and now The Broadway Theatre League created a new way to better promote the performances.

" We Will Rock You," is the newest of the tech shows, whose opening night is next Friday, October 11th. The shows Executive Director, Seth Wenig said that teching a show refers to the first time the cast, crew and set of a show are together in one location. He and his crew chose The Stanley Theatre because of particular criteria, " The size of the stage has to be appropriate for large scale touring musicals, that's the number one criteria for us, that can we fit. Also... proximety to New York and proximety to the next town."

The show will have a total of 90 members including cast and crew, all of who will be using Utica cabs, eating at Utica restaurants and in total spending about $1.3 million dollars in the city during a span of two weeks. Wenig said, " What's great about teching here, for you guys, we're spending a lot of money."

The Broadway Theatre League now has a better way to promote this show and future performances. They launched a new website designed specifically to promote teching Broadway shows,

"Its a portal where production companies like networks can go and get every bit of information they need to make their run here successful to make their plan easier," said John Fehlner, Executive Director of Broadway Theatre League.

The website includes information on hospitality in Utica, location of the venue in relation to I-90, the line set schedule, the stage size, proscenium opening, seating chart, equipment available for rental or usage from the venue, backstage photo's and information on the shows.

Three new tech shows have already been booked for the future.

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