"Flashdance" teching brings local revenue into greater Utica area


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica has been the chosen tech city for the new Broadway musical "Flashdance." Teching means the cast, crew and stage designers come together for the first time in a chosen city to organize and rehearse their show.

Teching can take several weeks, so the people associated with the musical, 100 for "Flashdance," practically move to the area for the extended period of time. That also means they shop and dine locally.

"Flashdance" is a brand new musical, which means it will premier for the first time ever at the Stanley Center for the Arts before going on national tour.

The group says they frequent Swifty's and Ancora on Genesee Street. John Fehlner, executive director of the Broadway Theater League, says this will bring in nearly $1.5 million in revenues.


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