Great weather and good business continue in Sylvan Beach

SYLVAN BEACH, N.Y. (WKTV) - On this Labor Day Weekend, people are wrapping up their summer by heading to their favorite tourist type destinations.

One of those is in our own backyard, Sylvan Beach.

Carol Clements has owned the Beachcomber retail shop on Main Street. Clements say this by far has been her best retail summer ever. She said, "This summer's been excellent because of the weather. When it gets to be hot everyday and no rain we are busy."

Saturday morning, the Flashback Cafe Pancake House was busy.

Manager Michael Smith says for the Flashback, it has also been a booming summer. He said, "This has been actually one of he best summers that we've had so far. Attendance in Sylvan Beach has gone up from 15,000 more people visited this year than they did the previous year, so it's been a great, great year for us here."

But for some this holiday weekend is bitter sweet.

12-year-old Chris Perry was with his family from Fayetteville, he says it's kind of a sad weekend in a way. He said, "Because just knowing that it's probably one of the last weekends we're going to be here all summer, because summer's ending and we have to go to school."

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