Herkimer family honored by the Red Cross


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Red Cross month is a time to honor those who have given of themselves to help others, becoming what the American Red Cross refers to as "every day heroes" throughout our community.

Outside the Herkimer County Office Building, a flag was raised Wednesday by Teresa and David Bunce in honor of their daughter, Julia.

Officials with the Red Cross say 20 year old Julia, who lost her fight with leukemia in February, was an active part of the Red Cross, along with her family, coordinating and promoting blood drives and ensuring that an adequate supply is on hand for those in need, like Julia.

The Red Cross hopes that others will be inspired by the Bunce's tireless work for others.

"She touched so many people's lives," said Jennifer Balog, Community Chapter Executive for the Red Cross. "I think when you set out on a journey, you don't know which way life is going to take you and unfortunately with cancer, it's not always a good ending, but what beautiful things can come out of it. And look at how many people came for her today, in her memory, to honor her spirit and the American Red Cross. It's something we should all aspire to and I hope it brings out the everyday hero in all of us."

Julia and her family helped sponsor the Communities That Care blood drive for three years and led a team of volunteers to encourage people to donate blood on behalf of cancer patients.

The Red Cross says Julia often said how proud she was to live in a community filled with people who cared about helping others.

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