Historic mortuary at St. Agnes Cemetery in Utica undergoing renovation


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Many people have probably driven by St. Agnes Cemetery on Mohawk Street in east Utica and never known the nearly 130-year old treasure was inside.

It's the mortuary chapel that was built in the mid-1880s, a place where families would hold services and where remains would be stored during the winter until they could be interred.

Currently, workers are restoring the building to its original state. It is a huge undertaking and will cost more than fifty times the price of of building it.

"We are looking at maybe some new uses for the chapel, because we're about ready to invest over $600,000 in this restoration, which is huge, given the original chapel only cost $10,000 to build," said Michael VanStrander, Board President for St. Agnes Cemetery.

St. Agnes was the first catholic cemetery in the city of Utica and 29,000 people are interred on its 45-acre grounds.

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