Indoor Heart Run/Walk held in New York Mills


NEW YORK MILLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - While America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk is just a week away in the Mohawk Valley, a local event brought the tradition indoors on Friday, as well as offering a chance to sign up for the main attraction.

The Indoor Run and Walk at the Fitness Mill in New York Mills is just one of many opportunities to pre-register for the Heart Run and Walk on March 2 at Utica College, and some people were already getting their walking shoes in gear by making their rounds across the track at the Fitness Mill.

"Since the weather is cold and some people [have asthma or other issues], it makes it easier for them to do it in here," said Volunteer Judy White. "When you register, if you are a survivor, you receive a little heart with a bandage on it on your number. Today you'll also receive your number and pin and if you donate over $250, you'll receive this shirt this year and if your amounts are even higher, there are other incentives that go along with it."

Volunteers will be onhand until 5 p.m. On Friday at the Fitness Mill for anyone who wants to come down and pre-register or take part in the walk themselves.

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