Local cheerleader performs during halftime of NFL Pro Bowl

By NEWSChannel 2

HOLLAND PATENT, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Holland Patent cheerleader has recently returned from Hawaii, where she performed during the halftime of the NFL Pro Bowl.

While the NFC and AFC stars were in a huddle, several dozen cheerleaders from all over the United States had their time to shine.

Last March, Lyndsie Pachura was one of 70 girls who was selected and qualified. That number was then cut to 30.

In addition to the group halftime show, the high school senior also won a scholarship for her moves as an individual.

"It was so hard coming up with an individual routine," Pachura said. "Pretty much they told me if it looked good or if it didn't. I had one girl from a competitive team make up my music."

She puts in a lot of hard work. In addition to cheering for Holland Patent, she is also on a traveling competition team that goes up and down the east coast.

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