Proctor NJROTC holds inspections with Veteran's Day drawing near


UTICA, N.Y (WKTV) - With Veteran's Day quickly approaching, the Navy Junior ROTC at Thomas R. Proctor High School had a very special day, Tuesday.

The members of the ROTC stood at attention in their uniforms for an inspection by officers.

The program is designed to teach students valuable lessons in patriotism, community service, leadership skills, communication, world events, and other life skills.

"I always see past students that have gone for ten years come back, and they are a success," said Chief Warrant Officer of the NJROTC, Donald Beyer. "even the difference from when they join as 9th graders, and they leave as 12th graders, you see a massive amount of maturity, and you see they're learning skills that we were actually hoping they learn."

The program has been around since 2001 with about 180 students. Every year it continues to grow.

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