Saranac Octoberfest celebrates Boilermaker Shadow Run

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Not only is Octoberfest happening thousands of miles away in Germany, it's also happening in Utica.

The Saranac Brewery is celebrating the arrival of fall with the release of Saranac Pumpkin Ale.

Even though it is not July, a Boilermaker Post Race Party was also held Saturday at the Finish Line.

The reason for the special fall-edition of the party was to celebrate the soldiers who participated in the Shadow Run in Afghanistan who returned home.

One soldier who ran the Boilermaker in Utica in 2011 says running 9.3 miles in Afghanistan is just a little bit different.

Lt. Jeff Ruso said, "We don't have the rolling hills or the golf course when you're running the race over there but it's all dusty dirt and rocky roads. Temperatures are a little higher and the winds were a consistent 30 miles an hour, 30 knots an hour."

Local companies chipped in with shirts and banners that were shipped overseas for the July 20th run.

Saturday, the soldiers that were able to attend this post race party were treated to a goody bag and a few Saranac beers.

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