Years of planning and prep lead to latest exhibit at Wellin Museum


CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Pieces of metal and shards of glass, dangling from the ceiling.

What ordinarily may sound separately like trash is actually art and is on display at Hamilton College's Wellin Museum of Art.

It took artist Danielle Tegeder years of planning and preparation to create the piece, which is her first solo exhibit.

In addition to the suspended mobile, you'll find drawings on a seventy foot wide wall.

Tedger said she was inspired by her upbringing.

"You know, my whole family are steamfitters, so personally, I grew up with a lot of plans being drafted for large-scale buildings," Tegeder said. "So my father, uncles, all that hand mechanical drawing, I really learned growing up. I also went to art school, so that brings in contemporary art context, but it does have a personal inspiration for me."

The exhibit opens Saturday, May 11 and will remain open until July 28.

It is free to enter.

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