Fallen soldier honored in Edmeston


EDMESTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Corporal Michael Mayne was killed in action one week ago, today friends, family and hundreds of others gathered at Edmeston Central School for his funeral service.

Friends and family say Michael Mayne's tireless work ethic, and unquestionable charm were only matched by his fun loving ways and selflessness.

He was a man they say did not die in vain.

"To die for something you believe in is a sacrifice Michael was willing to make knowing that it would affect so many people, that right there is what I admire my brother for the most," said Sherry Hawes, Mayne's sister.

Her admiration was echoed by all others sharing the podium and likely many in the sea of spectators, including classmates, military, and many scouts.

"His willingness to help do things for the troop, do things for anybody, he made time, was there for so many other boys," said his former Scout Master Brian Long.

One of Mayne's favorite achievements was a project done with scouts to create a series of flag poles that stand at memorial near his home in Burlington Flats.

Tears flowed freely but so did laughter as stories of Mayne's humor and at times silly personality filled the crowded gym.

"He would hunt deer, turkey, woodchuck, the occasional dear, and the part I did leave out, was the neighbors cat," said Hawes.

A scholarship has been started at the Edmeston Central School in honor of Mayne said Superintendent David Rowley.

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