2 the Prom - Dress Tips

The dress is the foundation of the prom. Choosing the perfect dress should be number one on your priority list (next to finding a date, of course).  Here are 6 tips to keep in mind when selecting your dress.

*Don't snub your nose at something that looks different. Try it on. It may be just what you're looking for.

*Take cut and color into account and TRY IT ON. Just because it looks cute on a hanger, doesn't mean it will fit your right. You want to be comfortable and able to dance the night away. Going to a bridal shop opposed to a department store is nice because most offer free alterations.
*Less is not necessarily more. You want to make a statement but still look stunning. Wear what fits you properly.
*The duct-tape dress...somebody always tries to pull it off. I don't suggest it but if you see it 
*When you go to make your purchase...ask the clerk if they can document the name of your school and the date of your prom. This lessens the chance of someone showing up in the same dress.
*Finally, if your gown is heavily beaded do not put it on a hanger. Drape it over a chair or something in the days leading up to the dance. Place it in a box for storage. On a hanger, the weight can be too much and your dress will stretch.
*GUYS: Rent or purchase a tuxedo. (have it approved by date).


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