2 the Prom - Hairstyle & Makeup

*Talk to your hair dresser at least a week before the prom. Don't bring her/him a magazine picture the day of.
*Also, ask her/him what kind of hairstyle she/he does best. You don't want it falling out while you're dancing. Tell her/him about the cut of your dress. She/he may have some great suggestions on whether you should wear your hair up or down.

*Wash your hair the night before. Clean hair is hard to work with and falls out easily.

*Finally, wear a button up shirt. You don't to be pulling your shirt over your head after your hair is done.
*Talk to someone at the make up counters in the mall. They are usually willing to do your make up for free if you buy their products. If you were planning on doing it yourself...practice, practice, practice.




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